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Have you lost your debit card or had it stolen? Do not panic. We are here to help.

Lost/Stolen Card


For assistance if you have a lost or stolen debit card, call 1-859-236-2926 or toll-free at 1-866-888-0220. Press #1 and a representative will help you.


If you have a smartphone, consider using FNB Card Control. This is our FREE app that allows you  to monitor when your debit card is used. You can also set spending limits, locations and businesses where your card can and can't be used, and you can even turn your card "off" if it is misplaced, stolen or you expect fraud. Once FNB Card Control is downloaded it works within our Mobile App. To learn more, watch our FNB Card Control video in our Video Library.

Fraudulent Charges


Fraudulent Charges on your debit card can be scary and frustrating. As a valued customer, we can assist you. Go here for helpful information on debit card compromises and fraudulent charges. Call 1-859-236-2926 or toll-free at 1-866-888-0220. There will be a message where you can be transferred to the 24-hour Lost & Stolen Service Center.