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Farmers National Bank is committed to the safety and security of our customers' accounts and information. We closely monitor potential Debit Card Fraud and the risks associated with it. Below are Frequently Asked Questions to assist you if you are alerted to potential debit card fraud or if you are a victim of fraud - along with steps on how to protect your debit card and accounts.

What is a compromised card?


A compromised card means that information (for example, debit/credit card number, name) may have been obtained by an unauthorized source. In most cases, the breach occurs at a location that accepts or processes debit card transactions, such as merchants or a transaction processor. If you received a compromised card letter it does not mean fraudulent activity has occurred on your account. By notifying customers, we take every precaution to ensure your account data is handled with the highest level of safety and security.


How does a card compromise occur?


This type of breach can occur when a hacker is able to infiltrate the payment system of a merchant or card processor. They transmit the information back to themselves and store the information for later use or then transfer your card information on to another card for counterfeit use.


Are all of the cards on my account at risk if I receive a letter about a possible card compromise?


Not all cards on an account may be impacted, as each customer has a unique card number.


Will there be a charge to get a new card (if necessary)?


No, Farmers National Bank will replace your card at no charge if you request a new one.


How long will it take to receive my new card?


If you are in need of a new card, we can issue one immediately at one of our local branches. You can use the temporary card the same way you use your regular card. We will then send a permanent replacement to you in the mail.


What are my access to funds and payment options as I wait for my new debit card?


Farmers National Bank has several options to access your funds or make payments. Please contact the Customer Contact Center at 859-236-2926 or visit the Farmers National Bank location nearest you during business hours for assistance.


If my debit card is replaced, what else should I do?


Think of ways you have used your card for payments. For instance, if you have a recurring payment set up with your debit card or have it stored online anywhere (for example, Apple iTunes, eBay or, be sure to remove your debit card information from those areas.

If I don't replace my card, what should I do?

Monitor your account. It's always a good practice to review your statement on a consistent basis. If you see anything that does not look correct, please contact Farmers National Bank for assistance.


What else can I do to protect myself against debit card fraud?


  • If you have a smartphone, consider using My Cards within the Farmers National Bank Mobile App. This is our FREE app that allows you  to monitor when your debit card is used. You can also set spending limits, locations and businesses where your card can and can't be used, and you can even turn your card "off" if it is misplaced, stolen or you expect fraud. To learn more, watch our My Cards video in our Financial & Product Video Library.
  • You can also monitor your accounts through our Online Banking, Mobile Banking or our Telebanc phone system (859.238.0601 or 888.484.7139).
  • Update your contact information! Notify the bank if any of your contact information, such as phone numbers or address changes. You can receive text alerts regarding potential fraud on your card. Without a current mobile number, the alert cannot be sent to you.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings. If an ATM or card reader doesn't look like other machines or suspicious in any way, do not use it. It could have a card skimmer attached.


Am I responsible for the fraudulent charges on my debit card?


With MasterCard's Zero Liability policy for unauthorized charges, you are not responsible for fraud on your account. If fraud occurs on your account, you will be required to file a debit card fraud dispute. We make every effort to refund the fraudulent charges as soon as possible.


Who should I contact if I have a fraudulent charge or my card has been lost or stolen?


Contact the Customer Contact Center at 859-236-2926 or visit the Farmers National Bank location nearest you during business hours. If contacting the bank after business hours, you can call us and be prompted to the 24-hour Lost & Stolen Service Center or the Debit Card Dispute Center. As our valued customer, we are here to assist you.